Course curriculum

    1. Watercolor Fruits and Desserts: Strawberry

    1. Watercolor Fruits and Desserts: Pie

    1. Watercolor Fruits and desserts: Milkshake

    1. Watercolor Fruits and Desserts: Breakfast

About this course

  • $99.00
  • 4 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content

What's included with your purchase price?

So many goodies- that can be used again and again!

  • Hand-drawn stamp brushes are provided for each of the assignments - you need not draw a single thing!

  • All of the brushes for the course are included - including watercolor, gouache, drips and splatters. Twelve brushes in total!

  • Reference photos for each project and high resolution watercolor paper---all included- to bring your masterpiece to life!


  • Do I have to draw the images needed for the paintings?

    No! I have drawn all of the images and created brush/stamps for you! You simply download the brushes provided, import into Procreate and use them to lay down the necessary sketches! No drawing required!

  • What do you mean that the videos are in real time?

    Have you watched videos on TikTok where in 60 seconds a masterpiece is created? Painting doesn't work that way - it takes time and patience. One must build up the shadows carefully, release the highlights and allow a painting to evolve. I teach you how I work---step by step, with videos in real time (no speed ups or time lapses!), with subtitles that explain every single step. Pause the video, do what I do, and start again. I am with you each step of the way- teaching you exactly how I approach - and FINISH- my paintings!

  • Do I need to have an understanding of Procreate?

    A basic understanding of the program will be beneficial. Remember that videos are in real time and you can pause them - what you don't know- I will teach you through example. "Watch and do"- with no time lapses and no speed throughs.

Meet The Artist

"‘It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. –Albert Einstein


I am a professional digital artist, illustrator and stage artist- excited to continue teaching art to creative minds and those eager to advance in their skillsets!

Unleash your potential.

You'll never know what you are capable of-until you try.